On September 16, 2009, UnCUT/VOICES PRESS, the first publisher to focus solely on female genital mutilation, was founded in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, by activist and literature professor Tobe Levin. Why? “Too few books on FGM in French, German and other languages – including some best sellers — are being translated into English,” Levin notes. UnCUT/VOICES PRESS provides access to these indispensable resources and other significant or rare material in English aimed at ending an egregious injury still inflicted on girls in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and in Diaspora. Our first book is:

Khady with Marie-Thérèse CunyBlood Stains. A Child of Africa Reclaims Her Human Rights. Trans. Tobe Levin. ISBN: 978-3-9813863-0-1. Best-selling memoir of the founding president of the European Network FGM, translated into 17 languages. Themes include polygamy, domestic violence, child marriage, immigration and activism. SEPTEMBER 2010. Price: $29.90 pb. 24,90 €uros

To order, please visit uncutvoices.com


One response to “UnCUT/VOICES Press

  1. Inga Burgmann

    This book is a really good read! It gives you an inside about the rituals of FGM which you would generally not have and a much broader understanding why this practice is still going on. It is a must read especially for people who have not been confronted with FGM a lot. Definitely worth a recommendation.

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