Undoing FGM. Pierre Foldes, the Surgeon who restores the clitoris

UnCUT/VOICES Press was inspired by books like Hubert Prolongeau’s on Pierre Foldes, reviewed in the French version in Feminist Europa. Review of Books along with two others on FGM from Switzerland and Italy:  Rev. of Prolongeau, Hubert. Victoire sur l’Excision. Pierre Foldès, le chirurgien qui redonne l’espoir aux femmes mutilées. Préface de Bernard Kouchner. Paris : Éditions Albin Michel, 2006; Lange, Benoit and Dominique Voincon. Cicatrice.
Un village et l’excision
. [Scar. A village and excision] Lausanne : Éditions Favre, 2004; Busoni, Mila and Elena Laurenzi, eds. Il corpo dei simboli. Nodi teorici e
politici di un dibattito sulle mutilazioni genitali femminili
[The body as
symbol. Theoretical and political approaches in debates on FGM] Firenze: Sei Editori, 2004.  click here.


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