INTACT Network’s Forum: Medicalization of FGM/C: A curse or a blessing?

Today, August 8, 2011, I received an invitation from the INTACT Network to participate in a discussion FORUM on the above topic, so I’m passing it on.

Dear Colleagues, INTACT wrote …

This is a reminder that INTACT’s online discussion on “Medicalization of FGM/C: A curse or a blessing?” is taking place starting TODAY til August 15, 2011. The discussion is held in collaboration with UNFPA-UNICEF Joint programme on FGM/C. This global online forum is an opportunity to share experiences, challenges, and lessons learned, with colleagues who are experienced in the field of FGM/C with the aim of advancing knowledge and designing more effective program and interventions against FGM/C.

I am pleased to share with you a very informative document that Dr. Nafissatou J Diop, UNFPA-UNICEF Joint Programme on FGM/C Coordinator, shared with us earlier

To join the discussion, please go to INTACT website and click forums. We look forward to your contribution to the discussion by sharing your questions, experiences, lessons learned, and reactions to questions/ comments that are posted by other members.


I’M just about to post, so hope to see you in the Forum.


4 responses to “INTACT Network’s Forum: Medicalization of FGM/C: A curse or a blessing?

  1. I appreciate this opportunity to be part of this discussion. I campaign against FGM/C in practicing communities in Nkarasi of Ikom L.G.A of Cross River state Nigeria since 2006 and we were able to produce the first generation of uncircumcised girls (40) and first public declaration by two communities to stop the act in December 2010. We are looking forward to more communities putting down the knife around.
    Medicalisation must be discouraged, the CLITORIS is a gift from God to women and not a curse.

  2. Margaret, thank you! I would love to learn more about your success. I’m sure you had press coverage. Can it be shared? In the meantime, regarding campaigns against FGM in NIgeria, you will surely want to know about a travelling art exhibition. See​k/key-issues/fgm/nigerian-​artists
    A catalogue in PDF is available. UnCUT/VOICES Press has acquired most of the paintings shown as well as a dozen or so new ones. (Here my thanks and recognition to two key people in this project, artist Godfrey Williams-Okorodus and Joy Keshi Walker, MBA, with whom I began collaborating in 1998.)

  3. you are doing a wonderful work Tobe and I am always ready to do my bit in eradicating this barbaric and senseless act

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