Khady’s refuge for girls fleeing FGM, forced and early marriage: Fund-raiser for La Palabre Foundation and its Centre Mame Diarra Diallo

The Centre Mame Diarra Diallo, situated 5 kilometers from Khady’s birthplace, Thiès, in the village of Dakhar M’baye en route toward M’bour in Senegal, will

The Centre

Centre Mame Diarra Diallo under construction

welcome and house young girls and women threatened with violence, in particular excision or forced, early marriage – indignities Khady herself suffered and writes about in Blood Stains. A Child of Africa Reclaims Her Human Rights. The idea behind the project was to provide otherwise unavailable moral support. Imagine the courage required of a child to resist not only her parents but the judgment of most in her society. La Palabre’s Mame Diarra Diallo Centre, named for Khady’s mother who insisted on equal education, will provide counseling to encourage girls’ self-confidence and provide training to enable self-support with La Palabre’s aid over the long haul. Khady writes, “I want to open the center as quickly as possible and plan to be in Thiès in December to oversee construction and especially to fence in the land since nearby cattle get in and eat whatever we try to grow.” Supporters include Besix, a Belgian construction company, and young Belgian engineering students who volunteered their expertise in summer 2011 to construct and install solar panels. Of course the Centre is going green! “With electricity now available, digging wells comes next because, before our first guests arrive, we need running water for bathrooms and showers.” You can help hasten the Centre’s inauguration by attending the fund-raiser at Old Dominion University; spreading the word; contacting Khady at; or buying her book at www.uncutvoices.comFundraiser for La Palabre


One response to “Khady’s refuge for girls fleeing FGM, forced and early marriage: Fund-raiser for La Palabre Foundation and its Centre Mame Diarra Diallo

  1. My Dear Khady,
    Thanks for your great unshakable strength. The VICTORY is here now.
    Keep the light burning. I am your fan and the fight must be won in our generation. God bless you good. I would want to be present for the inauguration.
    Margaret Onah

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