To Mark International “ZERO TOLERANCE” to FGM Day

The photo shows a meeting of the board of EuroNet FGM in May 2011, in Stockholm, Sweden. (Author Khady [Blood Stains] is 8th from the left; Khady’s partner in La Palabre is Els Leye, third from the left.) The current president of the EuroNet, Fana Habteab, stands second from the right.

UnCUT/VOICES is proud to be working with EuroNet FGM and other umbrella associations that bundle the efforts of activists. Together, we oppose one of the most serious violations of women’s and girls’ rights. Our books generate awareness, aid in funding worthwhile projects (such as La Palabre), and changes of heart on a broad scale, appealing to both academia and community.

The press that so far has put out two translations recognizes non-English speaking nations for the considerable role they play in stopping FGM. Here in Germany, for instance, we have INTEGRA uniting many groups throughout the country. In honor of February 6, 2012, UnCUT/VOICES acknowledges their achievements.

Members of INTEGRA, the umbrella organization for groups against FGM in Germany includes

Afrikanischer Dachverband
NRW e. V.
Amnesty International
BENKADI e. V. –Kultur Raum Afrika
Bischöfliches Hilfswerk
Center for PROFS
Deutscher Frauenring e. V.
Deutsches Komitee für UNICEF
UN WOMEN – Nationales Komitee Deutschland
Familienplanungszentrum Berlin – BALANCE
FIM e. V.
FORWARD-Germany e. V.
Aktion Weißes Friedensband e. V.
Hammer Forum e. V.
(I)NTACT e. V.
LebKom e. V.
Mama Afrika e. V.
Materra Stiftung Frau und Gesundheit e. V.
MigraZentrum Freiburg e. V.
Netzwerk Rafael e. V.
Plan International Deutschland e. V.
Stop Mutilation e. V.
Terre des Femmes e. V.
World Vision Deutschland e. V.
Wüstenberg, Dirk, Rechtsanwalt


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