KHADY for Zero Tolerance to FGM Day

Since the Inter-African Committee declared, in 2003, February 6th International Zero Tolerance to FGM Day –to promote an understanding of genital mutilation as a human rights abuse – activists have been calling for participants in a broader movement. Here is Khady’s message for Zero Tolerance Day. …

Dear friends,
February 6, 2012, reminds us that a world of women and girls continues to suffer for traditions and cultures of the past. Thank you again for urging that a resolution by the General Assembly of the United Nations prohibit these practices. We want to BAN FGM Worldwide. Such a resolution would strengthen the hand of activists globally by giving teeth to policies in place throughout Africa and Europe that lack political will to enforce them. We have been mobilizing for years; a UN General Assembly Resolution would at last reward our efforts. Politicians forget many things but we continue to strive to restore our rights and see justice done.

Spread the word!


Author of Blood Stains. A Child of Africa Reclaims Her Human Rights. (UnCUT/VOICES Press, 2010).

With thanks to Britta Radike for the photo taken in April 2009 at a meeting of the European Network (EuroNet FGM), Brussels.


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