Yesterday, Mt. Holyoke; today, Brandeis; tomorrow, Harvard

Hubert Prolongeau and Tobe Levin are doing a series of readings from Undoing FGM. Pierre Foldes, the Surgeon Who Restores the Clitoris. At Mt. Holyoke, we are grateful to the lively audience that listened attentively and posed thoughtful questions. Attendees from Somalia, Guinea and Ghana enhanced discussion by narrating their experience with the issue. Today at noon we will continue at Brandeis and tomorrow from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. at the Du Bois Institute at Harvard. (Would you like to hear us at Harvard? Please email to receive an invitation.) Finally, our thanks to hosts Professors Carole MacKenzie and Mala Matacin of the University of Hartford where we debuted on Monday.   … In the photograph, author Hubert Prolongeau signs Undoing FGM for Berhane Ras-Work whose memoir about her twenty-five years as founding president of the Inter-African Committee (IAC) is scheduled for publication later this year with UnCUT/VOICES Press."Hubert Signing for Berhane Ras-Work, Founding President of the IAC"


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