Khady on YouTube: for a Worldwide BAN against FGM

 (Photo by Britta Radike, Brussels, EuroNet FGM, 2009)

To see Khady and other African leaders campaigning to ban FGM during the UN General Assembly in the fall, see

Excerpt from the NPWJ BANFGM site: “A Resolution of the United Nations General Assembly banning female genital mutilation worldwide will be a pivotal moment in the fight to bring an end to the practice, providing the recognition that FGM is a violation of fundamental human rights. The gravity and the dimensions of this violation demand the attention of the international community as a whole and require that international measures be put in place to eliminate it.

A Resolution with an explicit ban on female genital mutilation will help to complete the shift of perspectives on FGM from a problem of ‘public health’ or a ‘cultural’ problem, to its universal recognition as a human rights violation and a form of violence against women.”




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