Endangered Activist: One More Reason to Offer Support

In Blood Stains. A Child of Africa Reclaims Her Human Rights, Khady notes that “every time we raised the topic [of stopping FGM]  … insulting phone calls followed” (198). For fighting FGM, she was also accused by the Diaspora community in Paris of betrayal. Similarly, in Undoing FGM. Pierre Foldes, the Surgeon Who Restores the Clitoris, a chilling scene takes place in the doctor’s office when a bearded fundamentalist confronts the physician with a knife. The two men are alone. That time, Foldes gives a rehearsed explanation and the intruder leaves. Another time, the visitor turns tail only after slitting the surgeon’s left shoulder, resulting in a four-inch scar. These thoughts came to mind on reading today’s message from Cody of INTACT giving the good news from Liberia: that the death threats journalist Mae Azango had received for speaking out against FGM were being taken seriously by the government, and it has issued its first statement condemning the practice. Whether there is political will to follow through, however, remains to be seen. The photo below (March 2011) pictures activists against FGM in MALI where the APDF with Erica Pomerance and FORWARD – Germany filmed teens and their advisers on a seven-day caravan through villages in Ségou in September 2007. Seated center is the youth leader nicknamed “Vieux.” Though their efforts at persuasion were largely successful, opposition was not absent.Imagehttp://cima.ned.org/liberia-journalist-mae-azango-moves-nation

More updates on Liberia’s embattled journalist https://twitter.com/#!/unicefprotects/status/189698815278854145


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