Breaking News: FOLDES in LANCET

Breaking news on the Foldes method of clitoral reconstruction.

On June 12, 2012, in the world’s premier medical journal, LANCET, you will find online the first peer-reviewed study detailing satisfaction and returned orgasmic capacity to women who, as girls, had undergone FGM (in Africa and in France) and had had their clitoris restored. Authors of the research are Drs. Pierre Foldès, Béatrice Cuzin and Armelle Andro.

UnCUT/VOICES Press has published the only book in English on this surgery: Hubert Prolongeau. Undoing FGM. Pierre Foldes, the Surgeon Who Restores the Clitoris. Foreword by Bernard Kouchner, founder of Doctors without Borders. Trans. and Afterword by Tobe Levin. (Frankfurt am Main: UnCUT/VOICES Press, 2011). ISBN: 978-3-981386-1-8. [The book can be ordered at a 10% discount at]

LANCET announces “Reconstruction after female genital mutilation.

A new reconstructive surgical technique appears to reduce pain and restore sexual pleasure for women, according to the first large prospective trial.”

Article The Lancet (online June 12)Image


2 responses to “Breaking News: FOLDES in LANCET

  1. It would be good to know what the people who advocate FGM think of clitoral reconstruction and the people who undergo it. Are they ostracised from their communities?

  2. Most of the patients Hubert Prolongeau interviewed keep it secret, a good indication that disapproval is the norm.

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