BBC on Reconstructive Clitoral Surgery after FGM featuring Dr. Pierre Foldes

FGM reconstructive surgery made me ‘complete'”

“I feel a complete person at last after my operation…” Fatou from the Ivory Coast tells journalist Sue Lloyd Roberts on a BBC broadcast aired 24 July 2012.

“I want to say to the people who do this to us it can ruin your life, your happiness …” Jasmine also bears witness and adds, “I still wake up screaming with the same nightmare in a bathtub filled with blood.”

At minute 6:39 into the quarter hour documentary, Foldes appears performing the restorative surgery.

The segment features Dr. Foldes as well as other important figures in the fight against FGM, all of whom are featured in Hubert Prolongeau’s book Undoing FGM. Pierre Foldes, the Surgeon Who Restores the Clitoris. These include exciser Hawa Gréou and attorney Linda Weil-Curiel.


3 responses to “BBC on Reconstructive Clitoral Surgery after FGM featuring Dr. Pierre Foldes

  1. I am fully aware of the nightmares people have after undergoing FGM especially without anaesthetist, having been through it myself, We should just continue to help the people who perform this deeds in a softly, softly approach. Please visit Thanks.

  2. It is truly a sad and ironic state of affairs,
    whereby women treat, and are treated,
    as victims of a horrible barbarism – which
    it absolutely is.

    And yet male circumcision is not taken seriously.

    This is due to ignorance and a kind optical illusion
    (and of course, religion).

    People think that because the glans looks so similar
    to the clitoris and the glans is not cut away, its not
    a big deal. The glans is not the erogenous zone like
    the clitoris is! Sensitive yes, but to coldness and abrasive

    For some context: the foreskin has 20 000 nerve endings.
    The clitoris “only” has 8000.

    We desperately need the law to protect babies
    from unthinking parents. Happening just round
    the corner from where you live everyday!

  3. Its a good thing to save the victims.

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