“A gross human rights violation” – Khady at the UN


In the photo: to open the EuroNet FGM general assembly on September 14, 2012, Khady with Mariame Racine Sow and Tobe Levin performed a tri-lingual reading of Mutilée/Blood Stains/Die Tränen der Töchter at Dataforce, Frankfurt am Main. The promise of success of the BanFGM campaign gave hope. In PassBlue, Amy Lieberman reports:

“The UN General Assembly Takes Up a Once-Taboo Topic”

“People who oppose the rite also say it is child abuse and a form of extreme discrimination against women. ‘It is important to recognize that FGM is a gross human rights violation’, said Khady Koita, president of the Brussels-based rights organization La Palabre.” Quoted in


“A growing movement within the United Nations to ban female genital mutilation globally has led to the first resolution to be written on the issue in the General Assembly’s Third Committee, which will vote on the matter this month. Two Francophone countries in West Africa, Burkina Faso and Benin, have proposed the draft resolution to put an end to the practice of FGM, as it is called, an important rite of passage for countless families in Africa and elsewhere but slowly waning through efforts by the UN and nonprofit groups.

The first counselor for the UN mission of Benin, Bertin Babadoudou, told PassBlue that he expected the Third Committee, which handles social, humanitarian and cultural-affairs policies, to adopt the nonbinding but symbolic resolution. The General Assembly then approves the resolution in December.

Supporters say its adoption could help strengthen the 30-some laws in countries that lack effectiveness in prohibiting FGM….”


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