A “landmark” step toward government accountability in stopping FGM

The October 2012 issue of the No Peace Without Justice newsletter once again features Khady and heralds the step taken by the African group drafting a UN proposal. Here I quote:

Ban FGM   Campaign / United Nations: Draft resolution deposited is a landmark step in   global efforts to put an end to this human rights violation

New York, 18   October 2012

No Peace Without Justice,   together with its partners in the International   NGO Coalition to Ban FGM Worldwide, applaud the official deposit by the   African Group of a draft resolution “Intensifying Global Efforts for   the elimination of female genital mutilations” for discussion within   the Third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly. This deposit   represents a landmark step in the international campaign to foster global   leadership in the fight against FGM as a wide-scale and blatant violation of   the fundamental human rights of women and girls.

Notably,   the draft resolution calls on States to “condemn all harmful practices that   affect women and girls, in particular female genital mutilations, and to take   all necessary measures, including enacting and enforcing legislation to   prohibit female genital mutilations and to protect women and girls from this   forms of violence, and to end impunity”.

We   look forward to the adoption by the United Nations General Assembly, at its   67th Session in 2012, of a holistic and comprehensive Resolution that   explicitly bans FGM worldwide, which would demonstrate the strong commitment   of the international community to human rights and particularly the rights of   women and girls, and be a real tool for change.

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