KHADY and the Trust Women Conference in London – “Putting the Rule of Law Behind Women’s Rights”

KHADY and the Trust Women Conference in London – “Putting the Rule of Law Behind Women’s Rights”

On December 4, in the session on “Female Genital Mutilation: Challenging ‘culture’ to stop the cutting,” the following panelists offered good news while encouraging us to do – and give – more:
Moderator: Katrin Bennhold Germany – Correspondent, International Herald Tribune
Imam Djiguiba Cissé Ivory Coast – Founder of the Fondation Djigui la Grande espérance
Khady Koita Senegal – Co-founder and President of La Palabre
Alvilda Jablonko United States – Female Genital Mutilation Program Coordinator, No Peace Without Justice
Molly Melching United States – Founder and Executive Director, Tostan
Linda Weil-Curiel France – Lawyer, President of French Commission for the Abolition of Sexual Mutilation

Highlights: Khady, Imam Cissé, Alvilda and Linda drove the point home: stopping mutilation of girls’ and women’s genitalia requires increased funding aimed at strengthening legislation and increasing education. I displayed Khady’s book, _Blood Stains. A Child of Africa Reclaims Her Human Rights_, which opens and closes at the United Nations and read the short article from November 28, 2012, in the _International Herald Tribune_ announcing that the U.N.’s “Rights Committee adopts ban on female genital mutilation” (page 6). Finally, veteran activist Efua Dorkenoo announced that “Equality Now [had] just been named Secretariat for the second year running of the cross party Parliamentary body, which focuses exclusively on addressing female genital mutilation (FGM) in the UK.” Read Efua’s HuffPost article at


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