JOIN US! March 6th at the UN. A Panel on FGM.

UnCUT/VOICES Press is proud of our author Khady who co-founded the European Nework against FGM. The EuroNet-FGM will in turn be represented among NGOs orchestrating side events during this year’s Commission on the Status of Women meetings. JOIN US at 8:30 a.m. on MARCH 6th in the Y-Room, Armenian Convention Center, 630 2nd Avenue, NYC, NY 10016.

CSW FGM panel AD-1 pdf

180,000 immigrant girls and women risk undergoing FGM in Europe (European Parliament estimates). In the USA, the number exceeds 250,000. Among many ways of examining the topic, this panel will compare trans-Atlantic approaches to prevention and victim care. For instance, European DAPHNE grants for FGM projects 2001 – 2014 have orchestrated National Action Plans in fifteen nations (2006-2008), while the latest DAPHNE (2012-2014) is enabling influential individuals in practicing immigrant groups to effectively oppose this harmful traditional practice.  What can be learned from this initiative? Managed by the Euronet-FGM, the Federation of Somali Associations in the Netherlands (FSAN), FORWARD – UK, Riksföreningen Stoppa Kvinnlig Könsstympning (RISK) in Sweden, Plan International Deutschland (Plan) and TERRE DES FEMMES (TDF) in Germany, — with several represented on our panel–, the project comprises a broad partnership whose pilot program targets Eritrean, Ethiopian, Guinean, Somali, Sudanese and Togolese communities in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK simultaneously.  Doctors, social workers and teachers will intensify the behavior change process, captured in a training manual for key professionals, member states, NGOs and wider stakeholders. Moreover, in Europe, care for the excised takes many forms, from the pioneering of Well Woman Clinics and reversal operations in the UK in the 1990s to Pierre Foldes’ clitoral restorations today.  Youth, too, are expressing their views; memoirs in German and French by Somali girls tell an excruciating story to a broad public. These advances notwithstanding, difficulties in confronting FGM remain. With the key exception of France, and despite passage of explicit legislation against FGM in Europe and the USA, few prosecutions have taken place. Panelists from the UK, France and Belgium, Germany, Norway, Sweden and the USA will look at this and other issues, confront challenges and deliberate over three decades of effort to end this egregious human rights abuse and widespread form of violence against women.

Tobe Levin Khady Koita

Tobe and Khady present at the UN CSW 2012


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