FGM Survivors’ Memoirs: Call for Manuscripts

FGM Survivors' Memoirs: Call for Manuscripts

“They helped me to my feet, because from hip to toes there was nothing there. A void. I couldn’t stand. … I felt like my frame had been hacked in two.” These are Khady’s word in _Blood Stains. A Child of Africa Reclaims her Human Rights_, a memoir to support the eloquent words of Nimco Ali in her UK Department of International Development guest blog, “BBC’s ‘Casualty’ shows FGM for what it is — violence against girls and women.” See

Ali, like so many FGM survivors, emerges from silence to insist on girls’ right to protection. The more survivors speak out, the better.

If as a survivor of the cut, you have a story to tell, UnCUT/VOICES welcomes your manuscript. Contact the editor Dr. Tobe Levin
or Rebecca Sue Levin


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