EMMA BONINO is Italy’s New Foreign Minister!


Congratulations, Emma! And of course this is wonderful news not only for the struggle to end FGM but also for UnCUT/VOICES Press. Why? Because Khady works closely with Emma and, together, under No Peace Without Justice, Emma, Khady, Alvilda Jablonko and allies, especially the Inter-African Committee, accompanied the Ban FGM Worldwide resolution through the U.N. General Assembly to successful passage in December  2012. To this end, Emma Bonino distributed 65 copies of Khady’s memoir to key members of the UN General Assembly.

To learn about Khady’s engagement at the U.N., see the opening and closing chapters of _Blood Stains. A Child of Africa Reclaims Her Human Rights_.

In the logo below, Emma is third from the left; Khady beneath.

Khady for Ban FGM

Also from the BBC World Europe Report on the new Italian government: “Among the other key appointments proposed, Bank of Italy director general Fabrizio Saccomanni will head the powerful economy ministry and former European Commissioner Emma Bonino will become foreign minister.”  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-22323850


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