Take Action to Benefit Egyptian Girls

Egypt is not ‘undoing FGM’ — quite the opposite!

In Undoing FGM. Pierre Foldes, the Surgeon Who Restores the Clitoris, prize-winning novelist Hubert Prolongeau, who speaks Arabic,  ends his journey of discovery in Egypt. He interviews the conservative physicians, medical faculty and politicians who support FGM. For a clearer understanding of what is now taking place in Cairo, read this book! To order:

And sign Equality Now’s petition to authorities …

Take Action!

On 6 June 2013, 13-year-old Egyptian Soheir al-Batea died after a doctor performed female genital mutilation (FGM) on her on orders from her father, though Egypt criminalized FGM in 2008. Despite this ban, however, medicalization is on the rise in Egypt with an estimated 72% of procedures being performed by doctors in private clinics. Soheir’s death tragically underscores the serious repercussions of FGM, whether performed inside or outside a medical establishment. The doctor, Dr. Raslan Fadl, was reportedly interrogated and released on bail pending investigation.

Human rights organizations in Egypt are concerned at reports that the Ministry of Health is pushing for the police report on Soheir’s case to record the crime as “medical negligence” rather than FGM and manslaughter. They fear that without strong messages from the government, such as proper implementation of the 2008 law banning FGM and swift punishment for the perpetrators, FGM may become more acceptable in post revolution Egypt, where women’s rights are increasingly taking a back seat at all levels.

Therefore, please join us in calling on Egyptian authorities to live up to their domestic and international obligations by enforcing the existing FGM law and holding Dr. Raslan Fadl and Soheir’s father accountable for her death.



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