For International Women’s Day, links and LIKES

Apprised of the suffering inflicted on millions of girls – an estimated 137,000 in the UK – Guardian journalist Maggie O’Kane believes in media’s power to help. With empathy and insight, she approached her editor. Would he agree to feature FGM? She wanted the paper to confront the custom in a way that had not been tried before – in a well-funded, tenacious multi-national campaign. He agreed, stating on camera, ‘We as a paper have committed ourselves to an international campaign to eradicate FGM’.

Launch of the Guardian campaign in the USA

Launch of the Guardian campaign in the USA

Thus, with full support, she and her team have gone on to expose what may be the most widespread crime of which, before The Guardian campaign, few people had heard. Even U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon joined in.Ban Ki-moon 2

Now, for International Women’s Day, a new facebook page is being launched. Your LIKE will ensure the campaign  carries on! Thank you!

Plus, as Maggie writes, “the new and very moving film from Nigeria about one couple,  Abu and Gift Augustine, [who]   fight back.”

And last not least, you, too, are certain to appreciate Alice Walker’s gift:





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