Ending Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Requires Support For Community Activists

Hilary’s support of funding for smaller NGOs, generally more intimately linked to practicing communities than many larger ones, is timely and crucial. With me, Hilary penned the AfterWords to UnCUT/VOICES’ latest book, Kameel Ahmady’s _In the Name of Tradition. Female Genital Mutilation in Iran_

Hilary Burrage

Today I published a piece in the Huffington Post entitled The ‘Cuts’ And ‘Cutting’ – And So Female Genital Mutilation Continues In The UK.  The eradication of FGM is critically dependent not only on the skills and leverage of the leading organisations in the field, but also on the goodwill and support of activists in their communities.  Often these activists report that their work is not resourced and that they are therefore unable to deliver the #EndFGM message as they would wish – a matter of especial importance when ‘vacation cutting’ is about to start.

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2 responses to “Ending Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Requires Support For Community Activists


    Vacation Cutting is a critical time for FGM drive in most practicing communities. This is a period where most parents allow their girls to be cut and it would be wise for local activists to be supported to go from community to community sensitizing the people on the health hazards associated with FGM. Please where are can we get urgent funds for this drive in Nigeria? Can Uncutvoices help out to link activists with some funding links? Thanks so much.

  2. Dear Margaret, Pardon the delay in response. I was in transit. To answer your question, what UnCUT Voices can do is donate books to high school English teachers who wish to include FGM memoirs in their curriculum, especially Khady’s Blood Stains. Otherwise, I would recommend raising funds via GlobalGiving which worked well for FORWARD-Germany’s educational projects in Mali. Best wishes, Tobe

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