About us

UnCut/Voices Press is a publisher dedicated to ending Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)


  • To promote abolition of FGM, thereby saving girls from genital torture, by creating a multi-media platform for dissemination of autobiographies, novels, poetry, plays, and other creative work as well as research, legislation, and histories of the movement
  • To translate from various languages into the lingua franca, English, to advance knowledge among a broad audience and encourage activism
  • To give voice to victims, artists, policy-makers, academics, and others with a personal and professional interest in the subject whose work finds no home in the established press


  • To cooperate in an ecumenical, democratic effort that includes women, men, old, young, all nationalities and languages
  • To encourage participation of all ethnicities and nations that practice FGM
  • To deploy professional managerial methods, adopt modern technologies, and strive towards financial independence