TONIGHT at 7 p.m eastern: Opposing FGM in Tanzania

Soon after the film premiered, UnCUT/VOICES had been privileged to enjoy it in a distinguished venue, the British Houses of Parliament. You’ll want to see it, too.

Susan McLucas of Healthy Tomorrow (Somerville) and Sini Sanuman (Mali) is inviting you as a friend of the movement against FGM to join in tonight. You can still register for In the Name of Your Daughter by Giselle Portenier, screening on Tuesday, April 26 at 7 pm (Eastern time in the US).  

Susan writes: “The film shows what Tanzania is doing to protect girls from female genital mutilation (FGM). Citizens cooperate with the police, the courts, and Hope for Girls and Women, an NGO, that manages a safe house and strives to convince parents to leave their daughters’ genitals intact. After watching the 45-minute version of the film and talking about it with the director, we’ll examine work performed by our partner group in Mali, Sini Sanuman, to end the practice.  Part of our effort these days highlights this film and trailer in Mali to inspire its residents to pass a law against FGM.”

Here is the trailer to the film.

To register, go to  The movie is powerful and inspiring and we hope the discussion will be interesting as well.  

In case you want to spread the word about this event here are our social media posts that you can share:




The event is free, but we hope some of you will be inspired to contribute to our groups.

Thank you.

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